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Last weekend was another weekend of sunshine, food and drinks.. and luckily for me local to home. Cannon Hill Park hosted the 4th Foodies Festival of the year, somehow we are over half way through the summer season.

We were graced with another 3 days of sunshine too.. the weather really has been on our side this year- every festival has been dry and in need of those sun cream bottles!

Birmingham crowds are always a lot of fun, they are lively, come out in the masses and know how to enjoy themselves- so I was very happy to be on stage demoing to this lovely lot. This time it was about sharing the love of Food Thoughts and Groovy Foods. I was demonstrating my Chai Chocolate Cake with Peanut Butter. Day one I kept it simple, just a rich chocolate fudge cake with a peanut butter filling, topped with chocolate and raw cacao nibs... Not everyone likes to be daring with flavours so I kept out the chai flavour. However, ironically the Cake and Desserts Tent was situated right next to "Drink me Chai" ..clearly was fate to make my chai cake after all! The lovely people at the stall gave me some of their chai powder to add to my cake (the recipe I had planned to do originally). So Saturday and Sunday crowds were treated to my take on good cake!

Yet again I was demonstrating GF and Vegan baking, but baking that is simple. Ingredients you'll have at home or that you can get your hands on easily, without spending too many pennies. The crowds seemed to enjoy it, and on the Saturday I possibly had my toughest critics as I had family watching and tasting.. so for them to like it, I can say I think it went well ;-)


It was so hot in the tent all weekend as you can imagine, yes we complain when it is hot and cold- we are British.. so when I had the chance I went for a little explore. Many returning faces to Foodies and a lot more new products to try and buy. Of course I had to sample a few chilli products, sauces with scotch bonnet chillies... my kind of food! (Right before going on stage too, so I am glad I did enjoy it.. talking throughout my demo could have been a slight issue otherwise!)

Cheese! Another favourite of mine.. and with a few returning faces to Foodies "The Great British Cheese Company" and "Snowdonia Cheese" .. and a few new flavours to try, which were delicious.. and no it wasn't because they were based around alcohol. But the whiskey cheese really was something special!

Something else which is very much back in fashion was also everywhere at the festival..Gin! I couldn't help but stop by London no.1 Gin and grab some gin, tonic and fancy glasses... ;-) (They have already been put to good use, I mean it would be rude not to in this weather).

But more importantly the reason why I love food festivals, bringing it back home and to my blog! As you know, here at Leewood Roots the focus is grow your own, keeping food simple and natural. So I was happy to find the "Kitchen Garden Plant Centre" a sample of their nursery brought to Birmingham Foodies. The plants and herbs were really quite something. Cola plants, After Eight plants? yes they are a thing! I wasn't after the wacky sweet flavours, we all know I love heat and spice. I came away with three flavours I am very much looking forward to adding to my herb garden- and of course to my plates and salads! Water Pepper, Lemon Sorrel and Spicy Oregano. (I am sure you'll see some recipes up soon..)

The three days at Foodies flew by as always, partly because I was having way to much fun but also because I was in the company of my Foodies family. Another weekend with the Gorgeous Charly (Restoration Cake), Grace (All Scone Bakery), John Holland (Baker on Board) and Enrique Rojas (Cake Some Cake). Also other newbies to the family.. Kenny Tutt was back to join us and bake some scones and then Emily Leary and Olivier Briault. Some fab cakes and bakes by these guys and then some... ...Yes Cake and Cabaret was back, day one with Charly and John taking on Kylie and Jason- it was so much fun... (I will share the videos below) and day two with the talented Grace entertaining the crowds with her family friendly burlesque.

I know I always say it, but Foodies really is a lot of fun- and we are already 4 shows down so if you want to come along you only have a few more chances this year... make sure you are not disappointed buy some tickets for the next show :-)

If you still need convincing click here for more pictures and videos :-)

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