Ludlow Food Festival

This weekend has been a bit hit and miss, not only with the weather! However I fancied going to Ludlow Food Festival, it is local to me, just over 20minutes away, so I thought I would go to one close to home for a change!

Saturday was when I wanted to go, there were a few people I wanted to see however it didn’t happen, I found myself winter coat shopping in Birmingham.. Which to be fair, I think I needed one to attend the festival with this horrid, wet and wintery weather!

I went today (Sunday) I had seen there was a Pierogi stall, so I was interested in seeing from what country and what variety they offered. They had gluten free, meat and veggie options so YAY for me! Hehe 😉 I went traditional: Potato and Curd Cheese and a Sauerkraut and Porcini filling.. both served with fried onions and slaw. MMMM so good! As you know I have sampled a wide variety in the past, here in the UK at friends’ houses, cooked at home by me 😉 In Russia and Slovakia! So I think I can soon gain the title Pierogi expert Haha!! Well I try… 😉

The setting for the event was described by many as something out of “Game of Thrones” DJ BBQ himself said he found himself saying “My Liege” to people! Honestly the historic castle was a great setting, an alternative to the park or fields I am used to! Different stalls, demo’s and food experiences round every corner of the castle grounds. Cooking outdoors with live fire pits serving meat, it really could not get you feeling anymore in the medieval spirit. 😊

There were a range of demo’s going on, on the many stages:

  • Graeme Kidd Stage

  • Wot’s Cooking Stage

  • Chef’s Kitchen Masterclasses

  • Slow Food Taste Workshops

  • Bake in Time, to name a few, each housing local chefs, award winning chefs and a few favourites from Bake Off!

I found some total food porn stalls… Chock Shop being one! Brownie cakes which could be served with cream and chocolate sauce, the flavours were endless too, they looked so naughty and delicious!

The traditional cheese, chutney and gin stalls were also widely featured… I sampled some quality cheese and steered away from the alcohol for once! I know, I am not sure how I did it either, even when the Tipsy Tart was there. A brand who make fruit and other delightful flavoured Gins, Whiskeys and Vodkas.. I first found these about three years ago at a local market in Ludlow, sampled a few flavours and was hooked!

One of the many healthy stalls I came across was Aconbury Sprouts, I loved sprouted Mung Beans and Lentils and found these guys which sampled a whole range of sprouted goodies!! The do Sprouting kits too, making it easier for novices to whip up some sprouts, not like it is hard to do anyway…

Other stalls included cookware and bespoke beautiful ceramics. A little bit of everything, for everyone at this lovely local food festival. I am quite chuffed I had the time to pop by, it was one I enjoyed even if it was a brief visit. I will be going again next year for sure, hopefully the weather will be better and I can spend longer looking around too!!

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