El Invernadero- Secret Garden Hideout

I had gone one afternoon for coffee with friends, Andrea I hadn't seen in a year, so a catch up was needed! Maria Jose, here housemate came along too.. I am glad she did! After drinks we went for a walk down Gran Via, a famous shopping street of Madrid. She wanted to show us a cool shop, which downstairs enclosed a secret garden cafe!

I was pleasantly surprised, hidden beneath the shop was a quaint and stylish setting for drinks, food and live music. It was a shame we didn't come here for drinks as the menu looked so good.. Matcha Frappes and Chai Lattes- right up my street!!

I was interested in taking some photos to share with you guys, every corner hiding a new surprise.. plants and flowers filled the room, cute sofa areas, benched seating hidden through archways, a truly magical setting!

Fear not! The following night after spending sunset at the Royal Palace my friend and I went in search of somewhere to enjoy a wine, yes this place came to mind! I hadn't intended to sit down for drinks at first I just wanted to show it to her. However she fell in love like I had, so we stayed for drinks.

The setting was so perfect, the place was full but we managed to grab a sofa in the corner. That night there was live music too, a Spanish artist singing both Spanish and UK pop music. You really felt special on your visit, the waiter coming to pour your drinks and then serve and present them to you like you'd see in some exotic setting.

It was a great way to spend a Saturday night, a real relaxed atmosphere and catching up with my friend.. I'm easily pleased :-)

Have a look at the photos and see what you think. There is more than one in Madrid so see if you can find the secret gardens on your next visit!


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