Ticking off my tick list...

When in Madrid there were a few things in particular I definitely wanted to do. Tapas, Churros and Café con leche. But not any old coffee... When I used to live in Málaga, there was a video circulating by Ana Botella, it became famous with the line "a relaxing cup of Café con leche en Plaza Mayor" and I always said I wanted to do this!! Hehe.

So yes I did it all! Starting with Churros and it could not have been any more typical. Normally eaten as a breakfast dish with chocolate, which is exactly how I had it.. at 2pm in the afternoon (following a Spanish night out)- so a real Spanish breakfast time too!! Haha. I do love Churros when it is fresh and traditionally made, I do sometimes make it at home, but nothing beats having it in Spain!

Following Churros was my "Café con leche en Plaza Mayor". I wasn't too fussy as to where it was as long as I could say I had it!;-)

The final night in Madrid saw me have my tapas! FINALLY! I thought after going everywhere for food but the traditional and local places I wouldn't end up having a tapa, but we did:-) yujuuu!

Only a quick tapa of Tortilla y Pimientos de Padron (which I think was because it was the only traditional and veggie thing on the menu!) Either way it went down a treat, with another caña de cerveza of course!

A nice little food adventure whilst on my trip to Madrid:-)




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