Well stocked up on my Vita Coco products!

Coming home after a day at work to a delivery of your favourite things, is always a good thing. Yesterday for me it was a delivery of Vita Coco goodies!

Since discovering Vita Coco, I have loved their products, whether it be for consuming or for beauty benefits. 

They offer a vegan, gluten free, planted based alternative to dairy products. 

Not only do they offer amazing health benefits to us, but they also support the farmers and local communities that give us the lush coconut products!

If you are following a vegan or lactose free diet check them out! They have a selection of coconut waters, coconut milk and coconut oil to choose from. Their website also contains recipe ideas on how best to use and make the most of their products! 

I am now stocked up for a while so thank you Vita Coco!! 😀👏💚


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