"She is a MACHINE!"

"She is a machine!" Yes that is how I was being addressed at the weekend. Bet you must be thinking, sorry what? Definitely does not sound ladylike...

But I suppose it was from my doing- yes I decided it was a good idea to try and retain my title and gain an outright win, I entered another Chilli Eating Contest! "Not Human" "Animal" "Machine" ..the lovely adjectives being thrown at me whilst performing. I was feeling a bit of pressure going into the competition, considering my efforts a few weeks ago against the 13 time champion..(no pressure)!

Was it a fluke? or could I stand the heat for a second time? Time was about to tell...

There were a lot of cheers and roars for other contestants who had a lot of people watching. It turned out a girl from Texas was next to me, only to find out she was used to eating chillies - GREAT!

The rounds progressed as before, with us being eased in during the mild rounds. Consisting of only 6 different chillies to be eaten. A TOTAL BREEZE SO FAR!

Then the heat picked up, the competition got going..losing contestants as the competition was progressing (good news for me, however there were still more people left in than I would have liked). There were definitely more at this point than last time, so not as easy as I was hoping.

Everyone else was breaking sweats, faces of fire, watering eyes and burning mouths. But not me! I'm sure people must have thought it was a fix- like they were feeding me tomatoes! My face did not turn, no sweats, in fact no emotion at all! 😆 I was literally just stalking the chillies and demolishing them within seconds! Even the shots of hot sauces were downed like water😭 What's next? seemed to be my only response!

The crowd numbers were building, it got down to the final three contestants.. myself and two guys. Now time to step it up a gear. I could see some peoples faces when I connected with the audience, they were cheering me on, so there was no way I was giving in... I had to do it for the girls!

It came down to a race, another bowl of 10 chillies- who could eat them the fastest. My opponent Russell already had three of the ten in his hand, saying he was going to do them all at once, so I really needed to step up my game. I chose to go from hottest to mildest, but it wasn't enough😔😒 I couldn't eat them quick enough, so had to settle for runner up! Totally gutted as the question really wasn't if I was capable of doing it,

as I knew I could easily eat another ten no problem. But my tiny frame versus Russell- I mean I had no chance😜

Maybe I will try again soon.. seeing as I had developed a fan club. I mean it literally took 40 minutes to leave. Everyone was stopping to chat, congratulate me .. in disbelief of my coolness throughout. HEHE. No joke, I even had people stop to bow down for me AND KISS MY FEET! Mental😭😭 Everyone agreed I was the real winner, I wasn't phased in the slightest. Russell the winner, almost chucked up half way through but not me, so I will take that😏

Be sure to join me on another challenge soon!! I have shared some pics of my pain (well lack of) below. ENJOY!😃😊😘




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