Raw Slaw side dish ..

Since it is summer I try to make my dishes as colourful as possible...even when it is raining outside, summer needs to keep going. Normally in summer there is a fresh bowl of homemade coleslaw in the kitchen, but I fancied another type ..not the traditional carrot, onion and cabbage..

I decided to use up some veg I had lying around and opted for courgette, red cabbage and apple. Pimped up with cumin, chilli, lemon and Carringtons special chilli oil, with this I knew I was on to a winner! Sharp, tangy and a nice heat kick to finish it off... perfect to accompany my dishes this week! 

Dinner started yesterday with stuffed pepper cups... I haven't had pepper in a while and fancied something different. 

Today I decided to pack my plate with veg, in a 15 minute meal.. perfect for a quick fix after work, in fact it was less than 15 minutes start to end so win win! Open veg sarnie with a side of slaw.. (a gluten free, wheat free and dairy free vegan wrap) could you ask for more taste, colour and veggie goodness? :-) 




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