Wine Tasting with Jimmy!

Whether you are a novice, just enjoy wine, a pretend know it all or full on sommelier? It doesn't matter, no one says no to wine (especially me).

I would like to think I understand the basics, being able to identity notes and flavours, I can taste and appreciate good wine.

I always used to be a fan of a good Rioja, it was my go to wine, but now I enjoy Merlot and Shiraz equally depending on the occasion.

Jimmy who was hosting the event, runs courses in South London and has his own wine school. He brought a sample of Red, White and Prosecco to try.

The Foodies Festival wine tasting events, let you sample wine for free in a short 45 minute session and learn some helpful tips when picking a good wine pairing.

As I said I love a good glass of red, so to taste some of the best and learn about pairings and flavours was fun and it helps you appreciate wine more. All wines that were on demo are also easily accessible, in local supermarkets and certain bars too. They didn't aim at one price bracket (which can be off putting) allowing everyone to enjoy wine the same.

So if you fancy a course, be sure to check out Jimmy, he is very knowledgeable and friendly and I sure would be able to point you in the direction of a good wine or two!

This definitely made me want to do more wine tasting courses in the future, but for now Foodies Festival, yet again had the answer!

On my Foodies Page I have put some details of how to contact Jimmy. Cheers! X


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