A quick trip to Russia

Easter this year I visited Moscow and just had to do a little write up. The food was AMAZING! In the end we found a little local we stuck to as the menu had so much choice, even for vegetarians.. We were literally sampling the menu as much as we could in the week we were there. Pierogi again featured. Sweet and savoury… various salads, pies, (buckwheat was also a popular dish, so I was happy).

The desserts were also tasty, the best one being pigeon milk cake? I had no idea what to expect I mean pigeon? Milk? Not a concept I thought was possible so had to do a little research first.

The texture was light and fluffy, a cross between soufflé, marshmallow and mousse. It was sat on a choco disc base and topped with the same. It is a recipe I need to get my hands on and one you should try!




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